Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finally admitting that i like her... what now?

dear God,

I've already told 3 people what I shouldn't have told them n should've went straight to Yujie about.. yet up till now i still can't find the courage to tell him

But nevermind, tonight is already tues morning, there's only 4 more days till Easter! i'm really excited, i think this year's easter performance will be the best yet! i'm gonna invite lots of friends, n drag them down no matter what! hahaha...

God, i think that i really think too much! obviously the one peggie likes is not me, tats jus wishful thinking on my part. i'm letting the whole matter into Your hands, deal with me as You will! though it is rather difficult to let go n let God, i will do my best! Yujie always tell me, don't try, just do it! but it is usually easier said than done. nevertheless, You are the Lord, who health me, wow! i jus realised health can also be proounced as "heal-thed"! so thats where the word health comes from.. without healing from God, we can never be spiritually healthy! amazing...


i pray that my family, including my brother n my relatives come for the easter performance! truly believe that when one is saved, the whole household will be saved! thank You for bringing my cousins one by one to know You!

Father i pray that many many new friends will come this weekend! i remember the dream You gave me about reaching out to all the break dancing community in Singapore, n perhaps even lead them as a CGL one day! i will not give up on that dream, unless of cos You lead me another pathway, but i think that the whole reason why i learn breaking is not just for personal satisfaction n a new skill to be acquired, but so i can "step into their boat" like what Jesus did to Peter 2000 years ago..

Lord, i remember what You did for us on that day 2000 years ago.. just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes..

And now, I know
the love that Jesus showed
When You died on the cross
And said my blood i shed for You...

Thank You Lord Jesus.. I will never ever take You for granted. I love you...

In Jesus name,


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