Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter is coming!! Thank You Jesus!!

dear Jesus,

wow jus 1 more day till easter sunday! yeah!

Lord, there's so many souls coming for service tml n sunday, i really pray that You save each n every single one of them! let there be 3000 souls added to the church, like in the book for Acts!

Father even right now as i talk to Qinwei, help me convince him to come! i really pray u help me reach out to more friends, even as tml is already the big day, n so many cg members don't have friends to bring, i pray that even till the last min, we do not give up n keep asking n asking!

For pple like Qinwei, Dome, etc... backsliders, sinners, whoever.. let them pack the house of God this weekend!

God i pray for Janice that You be there for her in whatever problems she is facing, give her the wisdom she needs, the humility to share with her CGL n her members, cos she feels so alone n apart from the cell group.. I'll do what i can to continue to bless her n reach out to her. She is still my daugther after all. haha..

For those donating blood, i pray You give them strength. as they give their blood just like You shed Your precious blood to wash away our sins...

God i can't ever stop thanking You for what You've done for me. without You i wouldn't know what i'd be doing today! my life would totally have no meaning, i wouldn't have any direction in life, n i wouldn't have such a great family of frenz! Jesus, i pray that You not only touch the new friends' hearts tml, but also touch the hearts of all the church members, especially me! i want a freash touch from heaven, a genuine encounter with You once again!

i simply love to worship You, to serve You, its such a priviledge to serve a great God, a wonderful Saviour, to be Your best friend!!

Keep the new friends coming in Lord, into the cell group, into the church, into the whole world tml!! Your workers are ready n waiting to help bring in the harvest!



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