Saturday, March 26, 2005

a short note..

Hi God i'm back!

i guess yeah.. peggy's not the girl for me.. she has a crush on another guy! hahaha, n she even said she can't wait to see him tml! i guess thats the final blow liao.. but nevermind! at least now i know for sure its not Your will for me! hahaha!

pray that tml many many more new frenz will come n get saved!

that kenneth has strength to go thru the blood donation as well!

that every single member can go his/her best to welcome the new frenz, n share the love of God with them!

but most of all, for You to show up in such a powerful tangible way, that everyone will be able to know that You are there at the SIS, to touch hearts n change lives! heal ALL the sick tml, i pray, for You are the God that heals us!

i may feel a little sad, but then again, take those silly negative thoughts n feelings away Lord, replace them with rejoicing n joy of the Lord!

In Jesus name i pray,


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