Tuesday, April 12, 2005

overwhelmed! God help me

Dear Lorrd God..

Thanks for putting me in so many pple's lives that i'm able to help them to move on with their walk with you.. thank you for rising me up into such positions which i've always wanted to be in, yet now i see that it isn't as easy as it looks! nevertheless i know You are with me, Your rod n staff comfort me, even when i sin n turn away from You..

my heart really goes out to all those sheep who follow You, those who turned away, those who don't know You, even those who are in Your hands n yet still wander off a bit.. yeah, that includes me as well.

i have such a terrible tendency to sin every time i use the computer.

i must really over come that problem! in the name of Jesus!

also i must really start studying tml.. exams in less than 2 weeks time! i have to get to work seriously. give me the energy n the motivation to do well in my studies for You God! if not for myself, then at the least, for You!

about Joan, phoebe, kenneth, Pak tao, hongfang, peggie.. even the handphone thing.. i don't know why when problems come they come i waves and waves!! Of cos i'm not saying that these pple are giving me problems, i don't blame them, i love them all and really want to help them.. but in the midst of helping others, i pray that You continue to give me Your grace n mercy n anointing, n power n strength, so that i may not grow weary while doing good, n in due season, reap a bountiful harvest!

honestly God, at this point in time, i have no feelings for any girls, n i thank You for that! sure i may be close to some of them, but whenever i get too close i feel the Holy Spirit's warning, n i know where to draw the line. thanks Holy Ghost for always being with me...

forgive my sins Lord. i'm struggling with this fleshly desire, every night its a battle, sometimes i win, sometimes i lose. but with You as my partner, i know i can't lose for too long! haha.. amen!

pls let me walk in holiness, walk in the will of the Father!

so many things have happened jus over the past 2-3 days, i can't even put them into writing here cos it will take too long! nevertheless, You are watching me always, You know everything about my life, n the very hairs on my head are numbered. i can rest tonight knowing that You are a good merciful God!

let me truly repent, let me truly be who You want me to be, n stop trying to be someone else.

about the hp, i've made a binding promise to a person, i won't call it stealing, but at the same time, i know i should try to return it.. oh well, i really hope You can let this pass jus this once God. i really don't expect pple to return my hp if i lose it. do unto others isn't it.. haiz. i can't defend my actions... but i can't break my promise too.

will pray about it...

In Jesus name..


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