Thursday, April 07, 2005

thank You so much

Dear Lord,

jus wanna say thanks for giving me the right materials for the assignment n being able to complete it in time! in fact i still have another 2 hours before the dateline is up, so i'm here thanking You in advance before my QT tonight! haha..

also wanna say thank You for the good frenz in the project team, philip n noel n liangying n serbie, though i don't really know them that well, they've been very nice to me, more than friendly actually, almost feel like i've known em quite a while, though its jus been about 3 months! hahaha... but then again, i've drifted quite far from my usual group of frenz.. sadz about tat. but nevermind, You are the God of resurrection, even dead relationships can be brought back to life.

n that brings me back to kenneth as well.. i really pray that for cell group n svc i will remember to show more attention to him, treat him better than usual.. i don't want to lose a friend as much as a disciple.

thanks for bringing pple into my life to encourage me constantly.. pple frm the Strikeforce like Luke who's always as steady as a rock, pple like Millie who despite being younger n so playful n blur at times, always manages to speak a word in season into my life.. n of cos my dear Mikki from the cell group! Lord i pray that You raise her up to be a powerful leader, not jus in the area of the arts which she has talent n interest, but even in the area of cell group ministry! i see the potential in her is much greater than any of the younger ones in the cell group, cos she has the Word in her already, her character has been tested by many trials, now all it takes is for You to release her into Your will n the ministry which You have planned for her!

Looking at these young ones really inspire me to do greater things for You. true, these few weeks i might not be doing very much except indulging in selfish enjoyments, n facing personal struggles, yet i know that at the end of it all, i will still turn back to You. cos You are truly the rock of my salvation, the meaning of my life, there is totally no other reason to live except to do Your will!

i often forget You don't expect us to be perfect n its ok to make mistakes along the learning process. Peter failed the test You set for him so many times, but in the end, he finally got it n that changed his life forever! wow.. God i want that kind of powerful revelation as well! You said seek n you shall find, knock n the door will be open. well, i'm gonna start actively seeking You each night, until i receive a wonderful word from You!

In Jesus name.


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