Monday, April 25, 2005

part 1

Dear God,

So many things have happened once again over the weekend! From the last post till today, i think so many things have happened i can even write a book on it! haha.. but first of all, just wanna rededicate my life to You.. hehz.. there's really no meaning in this life if we're living for ourselves.. we'll become selfish n self-centered n yet soon we'll realised we weren't created just to serve ourselves! yeah.. i realise when u r living for yourself, u will soon feel like its pointless cos we are jus mere mortals going thru our passage on earth.

thats y i feel atheist r the saddest n most cynical n bitter pple on the earth. they think that they're just living a life for their own purposes n when they die, thats it. no matter how great a legacy a person can leave behind, nothing on earth will last till eternity. the only thing that will last for all eternity is our souls! n we get to choose whether to spend it in heaven with God or in hell with the devil!... kinda scary thought isn't it?

Lord, really thank You for the break thru in N280!

pple like pak n jessia n phoebe n even justinn are having their breakthrus! thank You for moving in their lives! i really pray that as i go to camp for my holidays, that You really use me to impact the pple there, esp justinn, n use the time to my advantage to serve Your will, instead of wasting my time complaining n being a nuisance..


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