Sunday, May 08, 2005

truly like a fairytale..

dear God,

i'll never ever forget today.. it seemed like a perfect day.. but until the clock struck midnight..

there's so many things that happened this few weeks.. i dun really know what to type down, cos there's just too many things to say..

but anyway today You spoke thru 2 pple, Qingni n Yujie, to tell Joan n me to be careful n not get distracted, to focus on You alone.. esp since i still on vow.. 2 more years till it ends. oh God, how i wish i were free from it! yet You told me to take it for a reason.. to learn self-control, to discipline my flesh, to really learn to trust You n focus on You alone...

[deleted cos of sensitive content]

anyway better log off b4 my com hangs again...


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